Trump Takes Part in a Celebrity Art Auction to Raise Money and Awareness for Prostate Cancer

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Trump Bottling His Catchphrase For Prostate Cancer – New York, NY

Donald Trump has bottled and is selling his patented “You’re Fired” catchphrase. “The Apprentice” star is part of a celebrity art auction to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer.

To do his bit for the event, Trump painted a beer bottle donated by one of the sponsors, Grolsch Premium Lager.
Trump’s bottle has his name painted around the neck of the bottle, along with what looks like a skyline of New York’s skyscrapers and his famous phrase “You’re Fired.”

Also participating in the auction is Woody Allen, who painted his signature black-rimmed eye glasses around his bottle, and Carson Daly whose bottle looks like either red butt cheeks or red chili peppers — depending on who’s looking at it.

The auction starts today (Oct. 7) on eBay and proceeds will go to the National Prostate Cancer Coalition’s Proctoberfest.