Trump Rewards The Man Who Jumped Into Action When Trump’s Mother Was Mugged in 1991

Link – From Jet Magazine (Dec 30, 1991 – Jan 6, 1992) Page 8

Trump Makes Holiday Brighter For New Yorker who has rescued his mom

The New York man capturing Donald Trump’s mother, the young man, has a lot to rejoice over during the yuletide season. Lawrence Herbert 44, a delivery truck man, became the national hero on the day he jumped out of his vehicle and captured a 16-year-old youth who supposedly knocked Trump’s 79-year-old mother on the parking lot at the supermarket, Queens, New York. She reportedly had a brain hemorrhage during the attack. Trump thanked Herbert for his heroic deed by inviting him and his family to the ritzy Plaza Hotel, owned by Trump.

Herbert, who is divorced, was accompanied by his sister Barbara Quashie and his son James 14 for dinner. Later, Trump offered Herbert a job as either a chauffeur or in security and gave him a check for an undisclosed amount.

Herbert faced possibly foreclosure in his home. He and Trump will discuss the job offer further after the new year, Herbert said. In the New York Post, Trump described Herbert as a hero “not just to the Trump family, but for the city.” Trump added, “He’s my man.”

Herbert told JET that he was pleased about Trump’s generosity, and said his check will help him maintain his home. “I was facing foreclosure but that problem has been remedied due to the check that I’ve received from Donald Trump,” he said. He notes that he has become somewhat famous in New York. “There’s no place in New York that I can’t go right now where I don’t get recognized… I give all thanks to God Almighty. It was His work that I did what I did. I was His tool and He put me there to serve that purpose.” Herbert says he believes in helping whenever he can, which is the spirit of the Christmas day.

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Trump Awards NYC Subway Hero $10K, After He Saves the Life of a Seizure Victim Who Fell on the Tracks

From Wikipedia:

Wesley Autrey (born February 6, 1956) (dubbed by the media as the “Subway Samaritan”“Subway Superman”“The Hero of Harlem” and as the “Subway Hero”) is a New York City construction worker and Navy veteran who in 2007 achieved international recognition after he saved Cameron Hollopeter, a 20-year-old film student who had suffered a seizure and fallen onto the tracks, from being struck by a New York City Subway train. He is on the 2007 edition of Time 100 most influential people in the world list, made by Time magazine; the text about him was written by Donald Trump.

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