Trump Receives the National Jewish Health Humanitarian Award in 1976

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Donald Trump was awarded the Humanitarian Award in 1976.

Established in 1969 as highest recognition for distinguished service at National Jewish Health, the annual Humanitarian Award has been earned over the years by the many great people, including Donald J. Trump.

National Jewish Health is an academic hospital / clinic in Denver, Colorado that carries out research and treatment in respiratory, heart, immune and related disorders. Like Mayo Clinic and other well known medical centers, it draws people from many countries to receive care. Founded in 1899 to treat tuberculosis, it was non-sectarian, but received funding from B’nai B’rith in the 1950s. U.S.A. National Jewish Health was ranked by News and the World Report as the leading US respiratory hospital.

Donald Trump was awarded the Humanitarian Award in 1976.
Donald Trump was awarded the Humanitarian Award in 1976.

Trump Joins Kinray Inc to Donate $350K to the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children


Arnold Palmer, a golf legend, invited some very special guests to visit Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, and Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies last week. The 79-year-old was joined by Donald Trump, President and CEO of Trump Organization and Stewart Rahr–President and CEO of Kinray Inc. –for the tour and the couple surprised the philanthropic golfer with a $350,000 donation.

The tour took the men through an atrium at Arnold Palmer Hospital, a pediatric emergency and Trauma Centre, a pediatric intensive care unit, a playroom in the acute care facility and a neonatal intensive care unit at Winnie Palmer Hospital. They often stopped giving encouraging words to medical staff and spending time with patients.