Q2′ 2017 President Trump Donates $100,000 Paycheck to The Department of Education

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Trump donated his $100,000 paycheck for a science camp for kids.

The U.S. Department of Education announced last week that President Donald Trump will donate $100,000 from his salary to the agency to support a summer camp for students focused on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

“We want to encourage as many children as possible to explore STEM fields, in the hope that many develop a passion for these fields,” Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos said at a 26 July White House press briefing where she accepted the gift.
But the White House and the department released no details about the planned camp, leaving many STEM professionals uncertain about what the Trump administration has in mind. But in interviews with ScienceInsider, they offered DeVos and Trump some unsolicited tips for running a successful camp.

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Q3′ 2017 Trump Donates $100,000 Paycheck to HHS to Combat the Opioid Crisis


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On Thursday, President Donald Trump donated his third quarter presidential salary to support the Department of Health and Human Services in the fight against opioid crises.

“His decision to donate his salary is a tribute to his compassion, to his patriotism and his sense of duty to the American people,” acting HHS secretary Eric Hargan said during Thursday’s White House press briefing.

Hargan said that the money would be used to plan and design a major public awareness campaign on the dangers of opioid dependence. “HHS is proud to be working with the White House on this effort, and our team of public health experts brings a great deal of experience and expertise to the table regarding how to make these campaigns effective,” Hargan said.

“At HHS, our goal is to create healthier lives, stronger communities and a safer country. And we’re glad to have a president who recognizes that the opioid crisis is a huge threat to all three of these goals.”  The National Park Service received his first quarter salary and the Department of Education received his second quarter salary.

Q4′ 2017 Donald Trump Donates $100,000 Paycheck to U.S. Infrastructure Projects

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Donald Trump Donates 4th Quarter Check to U.S. Infrastructure Projects

The transport department has just added to the list of agencies to receive President Trump ‘s salary donation. One day after completion of the major infrastructure plan, the White House has announced that the fourth quarter of Trump’s $100,000 salary will be used to reconstruct what press secretary Sarah Sanders called “our crumbling infrastructure. ” The donation from Trump is only a small fraction of what he wants in future years to spend on infrastructure.

On Monday, the White House announced a proposed $21 billion infrastructure spending in fiscal 2019, a component of the $200 billion larger spending plan for infrastructure over the next 10 years. Federal program expenditure would result in $1.5 billion in investment in roads, bridges, waterways and trains, says the White House. Ever since he took office Trump has donated every paycheck to federal agencies.

His previous donations have been made to the Battlefield Infrastructure National Park Service, the Sommer Camp Funding Department of Education and the Health and Human Services Department in order to combat the opioid crisis.

Q1′ 2018 President Trump Donates his $100,000 Paycheck to the Department of Veterans Affairs

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President Trump Donates his Entire First Quarterly Paycheck of 2018 ($100,000) to the Department of Veterans Affairs
President Trump Donates his Entire First Quarterly Paycheck of 2018 ($100,000) to the Department of Veterans Affairs

President Trump donated his salary to the Department of Veteran Affairs for the first quarter of 2018, the White House said Thursday.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, secretary of the White House, said trump’s $100,000 salary quarterly is going to the caregiver programs of the VA. The President gives his salary to “important projects “every quarter, she said.

Permanent Secretary for Veterans Affairs Robert Wilkie attended a press briefing Thursday to accept the donation. He stated that the money would go to mental health and peer support programmes, financial support and research to help people who care for veterans. “The gift of the President underlines his pledge to do everything he can for veterans, including to support those who care for veterans; not only those at VA, but the husbands, the women, the families, and the caretaker groups out there day after day, “said Wilkie.

Trump previously donated its quarterly salaries to the Ministry of Transport, the Department of Health and Human Services, the National Park Service and the Department of Education.

Q2′ 2018 Trump Donates $100,000 Paycheck to Small Business Administration Veterans Program called ‘Emerging Leaders’

Trump donates second quarter salary to Small Business Administration

  • President Donald Trump donated his quarterly salary to the Small Business Administration.
  • The president earns a total annual salary of $400,000.
  • The donation to the SBA will be used for a 7-month intensive program for veterans called Emerging Leaders.

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Q3′ 2018 President Trump Donates $100,000 Paycheck to Alcoholism Research

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President Trump Donates $100,000 from Personal Salary to Alcoholism Research
President Trump again donates his $100,000 quarterly salary to the federal agency that researches alcoholism and alcoholism related problems.

President Donald Trump donated his salary to the federal agency investigating alcoholism and alcoholic problems from the third quarter of 2018.

Trump donated $100,000 to the National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. For the president, alcoholism is an issue personally dear to him. After struggling with alcoholism his elder brother, Fred Jr, died in 1981, and the president said he had learnt from the experience of his brother.

In 2016, Trump promised not to accept an annual presidential salary of $400,000 if elected. It must be paid by law so that Trump has donated the quarterly payments to different federal departments and agencies. Among other things, Education, Health and Human Services, Transportation and Veterans Affairs accepted the donations of Trump.