Donald Trump is Appointed Chairman of the New York Citizens Committee for the 78th Annual NAACP Convention

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Donald J. Trump, president of the Trump Organization, New York City, will deliver the main address at the 120th starting exercise of Lehigh University on June 5 in Stabler Arena. Trump, known for his New York City and Atlantic City buildings, will also be awarded an honorary doctorate in law.

Trump said his brother was a 1960 Lehigh graduate, late Frederick C. Trump Jr. The ceremonies are expected to be attended by an audience of 7,000 graduates, faculty and staff, parents and invited relatives and friends. Trump, a graduate of Wharton School of Finance from the University of Pennsylvania, is a major participant in the real estate market in New York.

His holdings include Trump Tower, a 68-story skyscraper of $200 million, Trump Plaza, a luxury cooperative, and the Grand Hyatt Hotel, a 1,500-room facility adjacent to the Grand Central Terminal and connected to it. Trump Parc, a 350-unit condominium near Central Park, is being built. Trump also owns a large share of Alexander’s Inc., a city, Long Island and New Jersey retail operation.

Trump recently undertook a project to complete the $12 million cost of Wollman Skating Rink in Central Park, which the city has been building for over six years. He completed the rink for $3 million in four months. Trump has two hotels in Atlantic City, the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino and the Castle Hotel and Casino of Trump.

Earlier this year, Resorts International Inc., which already operates Resorts I, acquired voting control. A hotel called the Taj Mahal is under construction. The acquisition of resorts also includes three hotels in the Bahamas on Paradise Island. Trump, a native of New York City, servedas co-chairman of the New York Vietnam Memorial Fund and is a founding member of the St. John the Divine Cathedral Completion Committee. Trump is a special adviser to the Physical Fitness and Sports Council of the President.

He received the Wharton Entrepreneurial Club’s first Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 1984 and was elected to the Wharton Hall of Fame. He serves as director of the Fred C. Trump Foundation and was recently appointed president of the New York Citizens Committee for the 78th NAACP Annual Convention.

The speaker’s announcement was made by Lehigh President Peter Likins and this year’s senior class president Jeffrey D. Enslin. The senior class at Lehigh works with the administration to select a beginning speaker. “Lehigh is very happy to have Donald Trump as the speaker at the beginning,” Likins said. “He’s a man of great imagination, courage and vision, and I’m sure our graduates will eagerly receive his message.”

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In a move that City Hall insiders say is calculated to embarrass Mayor Koch, Donald Trump agreed to speak here at the NAACP meeting next month, and help throw a pre-convention Party.

Last year, after Koch’s office tried halfheartedly to keep the civil rights organization in New York, a bitter NAACP moved its headquarters to Baltimore.

Now, an insider says, Trump will use the convention to show that he is more interested in keeping people in the city than the mayor. Trump refused to say if his role in the convention has anything to do with his feud with the mayor.

Donald Trump also once donated to Al Sharpton’s organization to help inner city youth.

Trump Rewards The Man Who Jumped Into Action When Trump’s Mother Was Mugged in 1991

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Trump Makes Holiday Brighter For New Yorker who has rescued his mom

The New York man capturing Donald Trump’s mother, the young man, has a lot to rejoice over during the yuletide season. Lawrence Herbert 44, a delivery truck man, became the national hero on the day he jumped out of his vehicle and captured a 16-year-old youth who supposedly knocked Trump’s 79-year-old mother on the parking lot at the supermarket, Queens, New York. She reportedly had a brain hemorrhage during the attack. Trump thanked Herbert for his heroic deed by inviting him and his family to the ritzy Plaza Hotel, owned by Trump.

Herbert, who is divorced, was accompanied by his sister Barbara Quashie and his son James 14 for dinner. Later, Trump offered Herbert a job as either a chauffeur or in security and gave him a check for an undisclosed amount.

Herbert faced possibly foreclosure in his home. He and Trump will discuss the job offer further after the new year, Herbert said. In the New York Post, Trump described Herbert as a hero “not just to the Trump family, but for the city.” Trump added, “He’s my man.”

Herbert told JET that he was pleased about Trump’s generosity, and said his check will help him maintain his home. “I was facing foreclosure but that problem has been remedied due to the check that I’ve received from Donald Trump,” he said. He notes that he has become somewhat famous in New York. “There’s no place in New York that I can’t go right now where I don’t get recognized… I give all thanks to God Almighty. It was His work that I did what I did. I was His tool and He put me there to serve that purpose.” Herbert says he believes in helping whenever he can, which is the spirit of the Christmas day.

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Trump Donated Office Space to Jesse Jackson’s Civil Rights Group, the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition

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Jesse Jackson Sets Up Office To Monitor Corporate Action

In order to pressure corporate America, Mr. Jackson said he would publish detailed information on how well 100 of the nation’s largest corporations treat minorities. As a further pressure, he promised to form a group of a million consumers— 20,000 in each of the 50 largest cities of the nation— and to provide them with monthly updates on the records for dealing with minorities in particular companies.

Donald J. Trump was given an ovation when he announced that he would grant offices to Mr. Jackson’s civil rights group, the Rainbow / PUSH Coalition, in 40 Wall Street, which is a 72-story building which he is renovating. He’s pushing out a lot of good things,” said Mr. Trump, who noted that he and Mr. Jackson had over the years become good friends.

The office will be headed by the Rainbow / PUSH Coalition formed by the merger of civil rights and economic development groups of Mr. Jackson, the Rainbow Coalition and Operation PUSH and he said the office will focus on automotive, food and telecommunications.

Donald Trump Fought to End Discriminatory Policies against Jews and Blacks in Palm Beach Social Clubs

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On April 30, 1997, the Wall Street Journal reported that Trump was purchasing the famous Mar-a-Largo club in Palm Beach, Florida, and opened it to Jews and African Americans, putting him at odds with rival clubs at Palm Beach, writing that the cultural clash began approaching a climax last fall, when Mr. Trump’s lawyer sent the town council members a copy of the movie “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner.”

Mr. Trump then approached the city council to lift the restrictions placed on the club. He also asked certain members of the Council not to vote on the request because their membership in other clubs created a conflict of interest. Last December, after the council refused to lift the restrictions, Mr. Trump lodged a lawsuit. District Court Palm Beach, alleging that the town discriminated against Mar-a-Lago, partly because it was open to Jews and African Americans. The suit is seeking $100 million in damages.

The former ADL leader, Abraham Foxman, praised Trump, as WSJ reported: Mr. Foxman was pleased that Mr. Trump has raised the issue of discriminatory policies in social clubs. “He’s put the light on Palm Beach,” says Mr. Foxman. “Not on beauty and glitter, but on its more seamless side of discrimination.” In recent weeks, Mr. Foxman says the league has received calls from Jewish residents about the changes in Palm Beach clubs.