Trump Invited the St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Boy Scout Troop to Mar-A-Lago

The Webelo Troop from St. Mark’s Episcopal Church got a big boost in earning their Artist Badge by Donald Trump.

Trump invited the boys to tour Mar-a-Lago in late January. Though Trump met with the boys and told them if they work bard every day, they too could some day own a house like Mar-a-Lago, house butler Tony Senecal gave the one hour tour. Senecal, a former Boy Scout, is also the house historian, according to assistant scout leader Catherine Royce. Royce’s husband helped arrange the tour because he knows Trump through business.

Royce said the boys were taken around the lower level of the mansion were they saw Marjorie Meriweather-Post antique tile collection dating back to the 15th Century, the gold leaf ceiling in the grand room, the 16th century Portuguese tapestries and the Coats of Arm. They also saw Dina Merrill’s (Post’s daughter) bedroom as a little girl, but seemed to appreciate the terrace fountain with sculptures the most.

Trump has a history of helping children. In 1989, Trump donated $10,000 to send homeless children to benefit concert.