Trump Donated Office Space to Jesse Jackson’s Civil Rights Group, the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition

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Jesse Jackson Sets Up Office To Monitor Corporate Action

In order to pressure corporate America, Mr. Jackson said he would publish detailed information on how well 100 of the nation’s largest corporations treat minorities. As a further pressure, he promised to form a group of a million consumers— 20,000 in each of the 50 largest cities of the nation— and to provide them with monthly updates on the records for dealing with minorities in particular companies.

Donald J. Trump was given an ovation when he announced that he would grant offices to Mr. Jackson’s civil rights group, the Rainbow / PUSH Coalition, in 40 Wall Street, which is a 72-story building which he is renovating. He’s pushing out a lot of good things,” said Mr. Trump, who noted that he and Mr. Jackson had over the years become good friends.

The office will be headed by the Rainbow / PUSH Coalition formed by the merger of civil rights and economic development groups of Mr. Jackson, the Rainbow Coalition and Operation PUSH and he said the office will focus on automotive, food and telecommunications.