Trump Contributed Money Toward Infrastructure for Jews Evacuated from the Sinai and Gaza

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Trump donated toward settlement evacuees. The US president-elect contributed money toward creating infrastructure in new communities in Israel to absorb Jews evacuated from the Sinai in the 1980s and from Gaza in 2005. 

Sinai was evacuated as part of a peace agreement between Israel and Egypt which Gush Katif in Gaza was done so at the behest of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in a unilateral withdrawal. According to various estimations, Trump’s financial donations amounted to millions of shekels.

It also turns out that Donald Trump contributed some of his wealth in 1980 toward evacuating settlements in the Sinai and his name appears on a list of donors in the Hevel Shalom region which absorbed the evacuees from Sinai and Gaza.

For all of his life long support of Jews he has been honored many times.