Trump Cleaned Socks, Shirts and Slacks in a Joint Effort with Unilever to Raise Money for the Salvation Army

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As part of the charity effort, “the Donald” spent Wednesday morning in a Trump Tower laundry room on Fifth Avenue, cleaning socks, shirts and slacks instead of brokering multi-million dollar real-estate deals, according to Unilever, a consumer products firm speaker.

Trump washing and folding was part of a joint effort with Unilever to raise money for the Salvation Army and to highlight the new “all” detergent line in the company.

While the gentle clothing with a personal touch from Trump will be donated to the Salvation Army, Unilever has committed $1 to donate to a charitable organization for each visitor who clicks their website for their new’ all’ detergent brand. Trump also offered to sponsor a four-day, three-night weekend stay in one of his hotels in New York City, with a spa treatment and new $1,000 worth of clothes.