The NY Police Athletic League Honors Trump for his Generosity and as a Member of the Board of Directors

Download the full packet of documents from the Whitehouse

Mr. Henry Kravis’ office has asked us to respond to your request as to why PAL is honoring Mr. Donald Trump on May 12th, so that President Bush can send a telegram to Mr. Trump.

These are the reasons:

-PAL is the largest youth agency in New York serving 60,000 city children & Donald Trump was born and raised in New York.

-Donald is a member of PAL’s Board of Directors and has been overly generous to our effort.

-Donald is a role model for our boys and girls.

-Donald has achieved excellence in his field.

It would be wonderful if the President can join us in honoring our special friend. A telegram would definitely enhance the evening. An invitation letter is enclosed for your reference. Should you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to call. Thank you so much for your help.