“Donald Trump Saved My Autistic Daughter from Drowning”

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Yves Cohen: «Donald Trump saved my autistic daughter from drowning»

During his stop at Terre-de-Haut France, Caribbean Island, the future President of the US did a heroic act to save an autistic 16-year-old girl. Her father Yves Cohen remembers and brings an unexpected testimony to the humanity of the controversial billionaire and elected president. This is the testimony of Yves Cohen, a father forever grateful to Donald Trump. ” I hope my testimony will show the mankind of the next president of the United States, “explains Yves Cohen. 

This was the peak tourist season of 1989, “were, if I remember correctly, January 1989, “says Cohen, still moved to evoke this indelible episode of his life. His autistic daughter Levanah, who needs permanent monitoring, took advantage of a moment when her boyfriend left for the lady’s room and went for a swim alone in the sea. And she can’t swim. We all knew that Donald Trump was here while on vacation in his yacht in Les Saintes Bay.

My shop was on the banks of a famous coffee place (Cafe de la Marine), where Donald Trump was often seen drinking with friends. I was in my shop, caught in the presence of many customers during this time of intense tourism. I remember it was still during the afternoon. I attended customers when people alerted me that somebody was yelling at me. I rushed out to the street to see screams from the waterfront.

An American was shouting in front of my house terrace, I could hear him without actually seeing him. I rushed home. I was worried that Levanah was supposed to be inside. There I discovered when I entered my house, Donald Trump, with my daughter in his arms. They were both totally soaked. “Trump sprayed with rage, Cohen remembers. His face was red because of efforts to contain it. »

He just saved my daughter from drowning.

Yves Cohen remembers being completely disgusted and feeling guilty. ” Mr. Trump was impressive, “he recalls. 

My daughter went to the sea to dip. She loved the water. But very quickly, she found herself at risk because the marine slope is descending fast.  Mr. Trump heard the shout and saw the girl panicking. He ran into the water and saved the life of my daughter and was the only one to come in, the only one to make the right decision at the right time. ” When he saw me, he laughed at me and shouted,’ You are the father? He’s been furious at me, but I didn’t know why.

All I could see is he was totally wet. Are you insane to leave her alone like that? I didn’t know I understood everything he was saying, but I could imagine he was cursing me. I didn’t realize that he just saved my daughter at the time. “” What Donald Trump became 25 years later could be different, but he saved my daughter. I owe that to him. »