Donald Trump Prevented Foreclosure on a Families Farm After the Husband had Committed Suicide While Trying to Save his Farm Land

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The New York real estate tycoon, Donald Trump, helped prevent foreclosure on a family farm today whose owner committed suicide to try to save his land.

Lenard Hill had shot himself on Feb. 4 to stop the shutdown on his land 20 minutes before the scheduled sale. However, the life insurance he had hoped would pay off the debts was insufficient and the land was rescheduled for today’s auction.

Norma Foerderer, Mr. Trump’s spokesman, said, “Trump phoned the auction block and stopped it, and he guaranteed he would help them in this.” Ms. Foerderer said she thought Mr. Trump offered Mr. Hill’s wife, Annabell, about $20,000 to save at least part of the farm.

Mrs. Hill suggested that the land be sold privately to bank officials so that she could keep some of the 705 acres. For three generations, parts of the farm have been in the Hill family. Ms. Foerderer said Mr. Trump was prompted to offer assistance after he saw last week’s news reports in which Mrs. Hill appealed for help to save the farm.

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