Donald Trump Paints for the Adam Walsh Children’s Fund Charity

Posted on April 28, 1996 9:43 am
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Donald Trump the Painter for Charity

We know Donald Trump the entrepreneur. Now make way for Donald Trump the painter. Trump is the first celebrity to put brush to canvas for the Prominent People Painter Project, a fundraiser originated by German painter Adolfo. Adolfo, who began exhibiting his work at the European Gallery of Modern Art in Palm Beach this season, wants to get 50 celebrities who have never paint-ed before to paint a picture for the project — with the artist’s help, of course.

The original paintings and signed and numbered lithographs of the works will be sold to benefit the Adam Walsh Children’s Fund, a division of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in Washington, D.C. “Every nickel goes to the Adam Walsh fund.” says Jesse Newman, publicist for the project. “All expenses are paid by the artist. He just gets the prestige.”

Trump painted his abstract picture in two half-hour sessions during the past couple weekends. John Walsh, founder of the Adam Walsh Children’s Fund and host of the television shows America’s Most Wanted and Final Justice, will be the second to jump in. He’s supposed to paint his picture this weekend. Other celebrities who will be invited to participate include Sean Connery. Madonna. Princess Anne and soccer star Pele.