Q4′ 2017 Donald Trump Donates $100,000 Paycheck to U.S. Infrastructure Projects

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Donald Trump Donates 4th Quarter Check to U.S. Infrastructure Projects

The transport department has just added to the list of agencies to receive President Trump ‘s salary donation. One day after completion of the major infrastructure plan, the White House has announced that the fourth quarter of Trump’s $100,000 salary will be used to reconstruct what press secretary Sarah Sanders called “our crumbling infrastructure. ” The donation from Trump is only a small fraction of what he wants in future years to spend on infrastructure.

On Monday, the White House announced a proposed $21 billion infrastructure spending in fiscal 2019, a component of the $200 billion larger spending plan for infrastructure over the next 10 years. Federal program expenditure would result in $1.5 billion in investment in roads, bridges, waterways and trains, says the White House. Ever since he took office Trump has donated every paycheck to federal agencies.

His previous donations have been made to the Battlefield Infrastructure National Park Service, the Sommer Camp Funding Department of Education and the Health and Human Services Department in order to combat the opioid crisis.