Donald Trump Donates the Use of his Trump Shuttle Airplane to Transport Relief Aid to Puerto Rico After Hurricane Hugo


Relief catching up with Puerto Rico Designer jeans, water pumps among aid rolling into island

Disaster aid began pouring into Puerto Rico on Friday, five days after Hurricane Hugo’s 140 mph winds blasted the eastern half of the island causing an estimated $500 million in damage. The first federal aid, authorized Thursday by President Bush, began arriving at the international airport in San Juan. Bush declared 16 Puerto Rican towns disaster areas.

Private aid also appeared as Andrew Stein, president of the New York City Council. flew into San Juan with 150.00 pounds of supplies on a Trump Shuttle jet. courtesy of developer Donald Trump.

Along with much needed water, Stein brought 10.000 pairs of trousers donated by designer Calvin Klein. But five water pumps from the United States were perhaps the most welcome arrival in the capital and surrounding areas which have been without running water since Sunday. All live pumps at Carraizo Darn, the city’s main water supply. were flooded in the storm and must be replaced.

Gov Rafael Hernandez Colon said Friday that two new pumps would be installed at the Carraizo station by today, and all five would be in place by Monday. With 80 percent of electricity restored in the capital. lack of water remained the most critical problem despite the deployment of water trucks.

Hernandez Colon told a news conference that 10.600 people were left homeless by Hurricane Hugo. He said 176 shelters had been set up. At least six deaths were reported on the island. In St. Croix, Virgin Islands, military police sent on Bush’s orders restored calm to the streets after four days of looting and violence in the aftermath of the hurricane. which struck late Sunday.


New York readies aid for Puerto Rico

New Yorkers prepared Thursday for weekend telethons, fund-raising concerts and church collections to benefit Puerto Ricans left homeless by Hurricane Hugo.

A Trump Shuttle plane was to leave this morning, laden with tons of supplies, including clothing, air mattresses and water. “We’re going to load it up with as much as we can get on the airplane,” said Bruce Nobles, president of Trump Shuttle.

Years later President Trump also helped fund Senator Dr. Rand Paul’s medical mission trip to Haiti.