Donald Trump Donates $40,000 to Canadian Man with Cystic Fibrosis Recovering from a Second Lung Transplant

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Donald Trump presents lung patient with suitcase of cash
Great article about Trumps charitable deeds

The harrowing journey of a Canadian who just underwent his second double lung transplant took a surprising turn after American billionaire businessman Donald Trump presented him with a suitcase of cash to ease his financial burden. 

James Reimer, 29, has been in Toronto General Hospital for the last eight months. The financial toll of living in a different city has been challenging for James and his wife, Adena.  With little to no income and minimal savings, Adena appealed for help on, a crowd funding website developed by business tycoons Bill Zanker and Donald Trump.  The couple hoped to raise $10,000 to help with medication and medical supplies, food, rent and public transportation.  But when “The Donald” heard of their plight, he flew Adena to New York for the site’s launch on May 8 and presented her with a suitcase of cash totaling $40,000.

“The Trump donation relieved huge financial burdens.  We are extremely grateful for it,” Adena told CTV News.

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