Donald Trump Hosted Trump Invitational and Donated a $100,000 as well as Donating Two Golf Outings Auctioned Off for $68,000 to the 2014 FTI GCC

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“The second annual Trump Invitational Grand Prix, will be held on Sunday, January 5, at The Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Fla. Bringing together the best in the equestrian sport of show jumping for a day of fantastic competition and charity fundraising, guests will also enjoy a performance by multi-platinum recording artist and four-time Grammy nominee, Hunter Hayes.”

“More than 600 charities applied for a chance to be one of the 34 participants. Following a series of random drawings to select the charities, the organizations will be paired with one of the rider teams and awarded a prize money donation based on their team’s performance. The winning rider team’s charity will be awarded $150,000 and the remaining prizes will be based on a sliding scale with every charity guaranteed to win a minimum of $10,000. This year’s event is expected to raise more than $1.75 million with all of the proceeds to be donated to the participating charities.”


FTI GREAT CHARITY CHALLENGE short version from Heather Buchanan on Vimeo.

Donald Trump Donates to The Independence Fund, a Charity to Help Wounded Veteran Gets High-Tech Wheelchairs


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Bill O’Reilly answers audience questions and explains that Trump did indeed donate to The Independence Fund, which is a charity to help wounded veterans gets high-tech wheelchairs.