Donald Trump Doodles the NYC Skyline for Charity Auction Held by Pitney Bowes to Promote Worldwide Literacy

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You can’t put a price on taste, as the old saying goes, but apparently you can put a price on Donald Trump’s doodle.

A sketch that the 45th president drew from the skyline of New York City was part of an auction held in Los Angeles by Nate D. Sanders, and it ended up with a huge $29,184. The bid for the start was $9,000. The drawing is ostensibly of the Manhattan skyline, but the only building that actually looks like a New York skyscraper is, of course, the Trump Tower, which he drew with its distinctive angular topper (which looks a little like the hairline of Bart Simpson in Trump’s hands).

The sketch dates back to 2005, when Trump took part in a charity auction held by Pitney Bowes promoting worldwide literacy, according to the auction house.

He was one of several celebrities who contributed sketches drawn from envelopes. Michael Kirk, an auction manager at Nate Sanders, told ArtNet that the drawing received five times the traffic typically received by its pieces.

“It’s an art piece from the United States. So it’s attracted interest not only from Trump followers, but also from collectors of presidential memorabilia,” he explained.

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Donald Trump donated to Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief, which raised money for victims of Hurricane Katrina, in the mid 2000’s


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Naomi Campbell says that President Donald Trump once donated to her charity in the mid 2000s.

While speaking at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women International Summit in London on Monday, the supermodel explained, “I asked him for money and he said, ‘How much do you want?’ I said ‘This person gave that,’ and he said ‘Okay, I’ll match it’ and that was it.” Campbell’s organization, Fashion for Relief, was founded in 2005 to raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina. It has since gone on to raise funds for other relief efforts around the world.

 (Personal Money, Not from Trump Foundation)